Logistics and Last Mile Logistic

Logistics and Last Mile Logistic

Focused and integrated logistic services: from the order to the delivery

Thanks to an advanced integrated logistics service INVIO HOME manages all of the following stages:
  • gathering and managing the orders
  • stocking the goods
  • warehousing
  • quality control
  • repackaging of both traditional and e-commerce goods
  • preparation and IT management of shipments
  • picking
  • distribution, and on time and focused delivery throughout Italy, always on time thanks to a great fleet of vehicles and a personal and extensive knowledge of the places.

Logistics and transport for both the traditional market and for e-commerce

Our specialized logistics and transport services have been designed for both the traditional furniture industry – where INVIO HOME deals with the gathering and managing the orders through the storage of the goods, quality control, picking, distribution and delivery throughout all of Italy – and for the e-commerce sector.

With the same promptness and effectiveness, we provide our clients with advanced logistics solutions for e-commerce. Online sales are growing exponentially, and many companies are now understanding its enormous potential. Logistics for e-commerce is essential to determine success of an online store or sales portal.

Outsourcing logistics for online sales to a highly professional partner such as INVIO HOME, gives clients the chance to have an immediate feedback on the profitability of their investment. With this in mind, we guarantee a complete service and a transparent management, thanks to the expertise we acquired in many years of experience in this sector.

Extensive hub and logistic platform network

INVIO HOME has three main hubs, located in Verona, Rome, Naples and Mantua, and 20 logistic platforms in Italy, located in strategic areas that hook up with the main Italian motorways and inter-modals. This extensive network enables us to manage deliveries in all of Italy in the most efficient way. We deliver throughout the whole territory, without exceptions – including Controlled Traffic Zones, historical centers, and geographically disadvantaged locations – while we are expanding our services to Europe as well.

Logistics and transportation for the traditional market

INVIO HOME deals with the gathering and management of orders by stocking goods, doing quality control, picking, distribution and delivery focused in Italy and in Europe. Furniture is delivered to the end customer through a specialized carrier.


The INVIO HOME system can plan shipments based on come core criteria:
  • warehouse availability
  • issued orders
  • clients’ orders
  • requested delivery dates

If the client wants to pick orders at our warehouses, we can monitor the quantities of each good in real time, as to guarantee an adequate availability of goods at all times. The system includes the creation of inventory levels, to be able to restore the quantity of goods which grants deliveries as efficiently as possible.

Every shipment is then archived in our IT system, to guarantee the traceability of the goods delivered to clients.

Transit Point

Transit Point is an innovative service that INVIO HOME provides to its clients. It consists in finding a spot at each of our logistic platforms where goods are stocked and organized in smaller batches, to maximize spaces and delivery time for retailers. The orders are dealt with in real time, dividing them by client or article, and readily available for delivery to either the shop or the final customer.

Transit Point is a service which can form a great opportunity for companies, as outsourcing saves time and distribution costs – the goods are always readily available for delivery to final clients. It’s a great advantage both for internal rationalization and for the logistics and delivery service on the whole.
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