Customer Service

INVIO HOME provides a centralized customer care service, and the same service is present in each regional platform.

The action coordinates the centralized and decentralized services, through daily cooperation, thus enabling a ready answer to any question clients may have. The main aim is to answer to each and every question that comes in each day, as to give an answer to all questions and demands.

Our platform provides a vast range of services for the companies in the furniture industry: from logistics, to transport, to e-commerce websites; for this reason, we decided to invest in the creation of a specialized team who listens and solves the clients’ demands.

Our clients are, besides our clients, also the clients of our own clients, whose problems we have to solve promptly, rapidly and efficiently.

The requests we receive daily from information regarding delivery and delivery dates, to specific cases in which we must solve eventual delivery problems or answer to specific requests, also tied to the geographical area where the goods must be delivered.

INVIO HOME is a brand which provided specialized services for the furniture industry and for e-commerce companies, and we identified client satisfaction as a main point, so this is a core service. Having a team which can answer to the final customer and contact them regarding delivery of goods saves up time for our clients and is a service of remarkable extent.
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