How Invio Home Works

INVIO HOME’s solutions are able to satisfy all of the necessities regarding logistics for the furniture market and for interior design, thanks to a highly efficient and complete service.

Integrated logistics and much more: planning, interior design and web strategies for e-commerce

Our integrated logistics system guarantees specialized delivery services for furniture and decor transport. We use a state-of-the-art IT-system, used to coordinate all of the different stages of logistics, starting from our hubs and our warehouses, and ending at the facility that has to be furnished.

Our customer service follows each and every procedure – from transport to delivery – with accuracy and promptness, and is always available to assist the client for any need, in a highly personalized and efficient manner.

Our platform is also able to lead our clients in the development of e-commerce solutions, diverse and focused on the clients’ specific needs: from furniture and decor retailers, to furniture and design dealers, to small and medium companies, up to the big groups in the furniture and interior design industry.

Customized solutions for different targets

The targets who make use of INVIO HOME’s services are very different for both typology and needs:
  • Furniture manufacturers who want to start seling online with an efficient and technologically advanced e-commerce service, may do so thanks to the support of our team which focuses on building websites and online shops.
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