About Us

INVIO HOME is a web platform with an innovative concept: it’s built by integrating the services we offer to furniture and furnishing manufacturers, to Italian and foreign dealers, and to the whole range of business realities which approach e-commerce for the sale of furniture and decor.

The project sees its light thanks to the long experience developed in logistic and transport services for the furnishing industry.
INVIO HOME extends these services and provides 360° solutions, offering a variety of customizable opportunities, based on the specific needs of the different clients.

In addition to providing experience and expertise in logistics and furniture delivery throughout the Italian national territory, INVIO HOME cooperates with experts who are in charge of interior design and designing decor. INVIO HOME also can provide a service for solutions and advanced technologies concerning e-commerce for the furniture and decor industry.
Corrado Badalucco, C.E.O., presents the Invio Home project
Thanks to the experience that Invio Home gained in these years, we are now able to connect small, medium and large companies in the decor industry; companies which want to approach the differentiation of their sales network through e-commerce for the furniture industry.
Invio Home provides many services through its platform. Today, thanks to an expert team which work with Invio Home, we are able to help a businessman put his items online, and have them reach any destination through a simple click of the mouse – be the destination Italy, Europe, or the world – with safe and efficient deliveries, and with safe and secure payments.
Cristina Bertellini, Sole Director at Invio Home, outlines mission and vision of the project
This project was born thanks to the vast experience gained with Invio in transport and logistic services. The structural assets of the brand we started from, to carry out this project, are an extensive network of hubs and platforms which are located throughout Italy, computerized facilities for logistics, and a focused call center.
The principles underlying Invio Home are to offer clients the possibility of a real time access to e-commerce.
Cristina Maffioli, Sales Director, outlines the targets and assets of Invio Home
The Italian and foreign furniture and design manufacturers who wish to branch out their sales network by implementing an e-commerce channel, may benefit from Invio Home’s services. The services Invio Home provides its clients is diversified and customized, based on each clients’ specific needs and necessities.
We provide integrated logistics, specialized delivery services outsourced to experts in the furniture transport, a highly responsive and internally customized customer service. Furthermore, we cooperate with experts to design residential areas and private-sector, and we can help our clients design e-commerce platforms.
Annalisa Bottoni, Head of Customer Care, outlines the responsibilities of Invio Home Customer Service.
At Invio Home, I deal with the management of customer care. This service consists of a central team of people who, with proficiency, answer daily to our clients’ demands.
In addition to this centralized service, we also have colleagues at our regional branches, who daily attend to all request coming from clients. Thanks to the cooperation between these two groups, Invio Home can provide to the client responsiveness in response time.
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