Does INVIO HOME transport furniture from Europe and Switzerland to Italy?

Yes, we handle and manage furniture transport from Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, and Northern Europe to Italy: integrated and efficient logistic services to provide a value added to your business.

Thanks to our hubs and to our logistic platforms, spread throughout the Italian territory, we are able to prepare and fulfill every order promptly through computerized procedures to organize the transport of decor, to manage the supplies and to efficiently track every movement of the items.

We are specialized in furniture transport from all of the European countries and Switzerland to Italy:
  • from Switzerland to Italy
  • from Germany to Italy
  • from France to Italy
  • from Spain to Italy
  • from Northern Europe (the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark) to Italy 
We have significantly broadened our range in the years, thanks to the quality of the logistic services we provide: we abide to timings, we provide custom transport services, additional services such as unpacking and assembly, customer service and care for customers’ needs – features which have enabled us to expand our transport services to the furniture industry on the whole.

We are professional partners for any kind of producer, dealer and retailer of furniture for homes, offices, gardens, for companies, stores, accommodation facilities, with 360° logistics services that add value to our clients’ business operations and which aim to the end customers’ satisfaction.

To know about our furniture transport in more detail, from Europe and Switzerland to Italy, contact us now: you may request a free quote and receive all of the information you need to be able to customize our services for your business.

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