Advanced Logistics for the complete furnishing of a country resort

Invio Home took care of the logistics for the whole decor of an ancient Umbrian town, dating back to the XI century, and now completely renovated and meant to become a luxury country resort.

The architect and interior designer – alongside the facility manager and furniture manufacturer – chose Invio Home and its services to handle the critical stage of transport and delivery of the furniture to this big accommodation facility, Antico Borgo San Pietro Aqueortus, which rises in a beautiful place, in the midst of green woods, on the border between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany, just next to a nature reserve and a national park.

The location is far from the motorways and main roads, and Invio Home was able to reach it and provide an efficient, fast and overall excellent service, thanks to its advanced and extensive logistics solutions for the decor industry.

Invio Home not only cared for the transport and delivery of the furniture to the facility, but of the quality control for every parcel as well, and provided unpacking, quality control for each piece of furniture we unpacked, the correct placement of the furniture in the facility, based on the architect’s project.

Inside the facility, moving the parcels and the furniture was done manually by specialized personnel, who guaranteed the success of each stage, to be able to fully satisfy the client’s demands by carrying out quality control on the packaging and goods, and through direct confrontation with the architect and the furniture manufacturer.
Invio Home is present with its team, cooperating with an architecture and design studio, for the complete furnishing of Borgo Aquaeortus.
After carefully analyzing all of the packagings and cartons alongside the architect and the parent company of the furniture, the second stage of the process consists in bringing every single parcel in every single room.
Once every packaging is in the correct room, our assemblage team will then unpack and dispose of the packaging, and then start the assembly in each room, to hand the finished job to the client tonight.
Invio Home, with its architecture and design studio is providing these specific services to provide clients a 360° service that goes from the choice of the furniture to the final delivery to the assemblage of the decor.
We are in Antico Borgo di San Pietro Aquaeortus, a really unique place – it is an ancient town from the peasant era, in which there were all the emergencies one could meet in an ancient medieval castle, so real life took place here and there was everything one could need, from the bakery to the mill which stood next to the ancient brook closeby, to the church, to many other facilities that made this community a unique place, isolated from everything thanks to the beautiful woods surrounding the area.
This is a very important stage because decor and interiors really are a presentation we want to give to the whole town, so we tried creating a specific atmosphere, incorporating – for this reason - modern and ancient furniture. Nothing crafted, but everything leaning towards truth and worldly, with a glance at history.

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