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Does INVIO HOME ship and deliver furniture for homes, offices, gardens and exteriors?

Our logistics and transport services regarding the furniture market includes the shipment and delivery of furniture for homes, offices, gardens and exteriors.

Furniture distribution throughout Italy: does INVIO HOME deliver and distribute throughout all of Italy?

Thanks to the long experience developed with Invio S.r.l. - a specialized provider in the field of furniture and furnishing distribution and in logistics and transport for the furniture market in Italy, also from other European countries.

Online retail of furniture: is logistics in the services provided?

Yes, INVIO HOME also handles transport and logistics for e-commerce and online shops which deal with furniture, interior design, furnishings and decorations, with shipments throughout Italy also when shipping from other European countries.

Within the services of furniture transport, does INVIO HOME deliver to the floor?

Yes, INVIO HOME’s logistics and transportation services regarding furniture include delivery to the floor, with shipments from Italy and other European countries.

How does INVIO HOME transport design furniture on time and in the most efficient way?

With INVIO HOME, shipping and transporting design furniture and decor in all of Italy is fast and efficient: our deliveries are always on time and ensured.

Does INVIO HOME provide unpacking and assembly of furniture?

Yes, in the integrated services for the delivery of furniture in Italy, unpacking and assembly on the premises are provided.

How does furniture delivery work, regarding private citizens and stores?

INVIO HOME’s furniture transport and delivery services for private citizens and retailers are based on all-round, on time logistic solutons.

Which are the features of the specialized furniture transport that INVIO HOME offers?

INVIO HOME delivers and transports through a professional service, specialized in furniture and furnishings, with advanced logistic solutions studied specially for the furniture and decor markets, throughout Italy.

How is the furniture and decor transport and delivery service throughout Italy organized?

INVIO HOME offers professional logistics and support for the transport of furniture and furnishings throughout Italy.

Does INVIO HOME outsource logistic services for the furniture market?

Our logistic services for the furniture industry include outsourcing deliveries for a more efficient management of shipments to the clients.

Does INVIO HOME deliver furniture and furnishings to your doorstep?

Our services include furniture transport and delivery to the client’s doorstep, and to the floor.

How does INVIO HOME’s furniture shipping service work, regarding online and e-commerce stores?

Our logistics includes furniture and furnishing shipment for e-commerce and online shops, with picking, transport and delivery – always on time throughout all of Italy.

Do INVIO HOME’s logistics solutions include delivery of the furniture by appointment?

Yes, INVIO HOME provides furniture and furnishing transport and delivery by appointment, with an efficient management of deliveries throughout Italy.

Does INVIO HOME transport furniture from Europe and Switzerland to Italy?

Yes, we provide and manage furniture transport from Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, northern Europe to Italy through efficient and integrated logistic services, to add value to your business.

Does INVIO HOME provide logistics and transportation for e-commerce?

INVIO HOME answers the needs of any company which may require logistic services for e-commerce for the furniture industry in Italy.

Why do furniture manufacturers and retailers turn to INVIO HOME for logistics?

Furniture manufacturers and distributors who require delivery services in Italy, can count on INVIO HOME, the professional and reliable logistics company which works with the furniture industry.

What are the assets of INVIO HOME as regards logistic services and warehousing?

The logistics for furniture and furniture depositing and stocking services are essential for manufacturers and dealers who need to delivery their products throughout Italy on time.

Does INVIO HOME provide micro-logistic services?

INVIO HOME offers logistic solutions to satisfy all of the furniture producers’ and retailers’ needs and necessities, both regarding online sales and more traditional sales approaches.

Is INVIO HOME able to satisfy all of the necessities regarding logistics for the furniture market and for interior design?

INVIO HOME’s logistic solutions for furniture and interior design are aimed at the satisfaction of each and every client: professionality, customization, quality control, 360° solutions, computerized procedures, customer service are only some of the features which characterize us.

Can you ship furniture across Italy with INVIO HOME, providing home delivery to the floor?

INVIO HOME solutions for the furniture market include delivery of furniture and furnishings throughout Italy. Delivering furniture across Italy is possible thanks to our advanced logistics solutions, available to furniture manufacturers, furniture retailers and stores, e-commerce and online shop of furniture and design items.

Is the delivery and assembly service available from those offered by INVIO HOME?

Yes, INVIO HOME offers the option of choosing furniture delivery with assembly. In addition to delivery on appointment and to the floor at the customer's home, our operators take care of furniture assembly when required.
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