Siglacom - e-commerce and communication strategies

Siglacom - e-commerce and communication strategies
SIGLACOM is our partner in building websites and in dealing with e-commerce, specifically for the furniture market.

SIGLACOM creates web projects and state-of-the-art internet business strategies since 1996. Following our mission and vision, and with clients’ expertise, SIGLACOM creates and studies online business models, based on advanced business strategies, commercial engineering, marketing and web marketing, project management, sociology, psychology, statistics, communication, software engineering, HR formation, research and development.

The solutions which INVIO HOME provides to the clients in concert with SIGLACOM are:

internet business websites | e-commerce | SEO | movies & videos | online and offline multimedia communication | event organization | social networking
Sebastiano Tartari, Chief Design Office at Siglacom, outlines web and e-commerce strategies
As Siglacom, we are internet experts, we have been dealing with internet websites and e-commerce for the past 20 years. We were born with the very first internet pages developed in Italy, and we are still evolving.
We build e-commerce stores and websites through the best technology available – all of the technologies that may help users interact with the website and produce results for our clients.
We are thus speaking of responsive technology – as in the technology which lets us use any device – mobiles and computers – to browse a website, we are speaking of indexing on search engines, and on focusing on the indexing of these websites to push our clients in the first positions on search engines for the solutions they offer.
We also deal with social media management, and all of the ability to influence end consumers which comes from social networking.
Our partnership with Invio Home: e-commerce strategies Siglacom for the furniture industry
Siglacom has embraced the Invio Home project because we wanted to provide a 360° service to our clients. A service which goes from the ability to reach the final customer though e-commerce or more traditional websites, while also selling interior design products or designing interior design for the customer, and delivering the item directly at his house, thanks to Invio’s logistics and their years of experience.
This is why our partnership is value-added; it’s mandatory for us to complete a service which can be available to both end customers and designers, to present their own works, their own design creations and to then deliver them in the most efficient way to the final customer.
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