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The Company > INVIO HOME Assets > Invio - logistics and furniture deliveries Invio - logistics and furniture deliveries INVIO S.r.l. is the ideal partner for furniture logistics and for personalized delivery services – by appointment, delivery to the floor and assemblage, with custom services for the different types of [...]

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Our Solutions > Delivery Service Delivery Service Furniture delivery takes place through customized services, such as:   prior phone notification delivery by appointment delivery to the doorstep unpacking and recovery of packaging furniture assemblage furniture placement delivery from a dealer or retailer Customer [...]

Does INVIO HOME provide unpacking and assembly of furniture?

Does INVIO HOME provide unpacking and assembly of furniture? ... Our expert workers are specialized in transport and logistics for the decor and furniture industry, and this enables us to integrate our offer with more customized services such as unpacking and furniture assemblage.

How does INVIO HOME transport design furniture on time and in the most efficient way?

How does INVIO HOME transport design furniture on time and in the most efficient way? ... A long experience in furniture transport is your best guarantee for an efficient management of shipments and deliveries to your end customer, with possible value-added services, like delivery to the floor, unpacking, assemblage, packaging disposal, [...]

Within the services of furniture transport, does INVIO HOME deliver to the floor?

We manage the unpacking, assemblage of furniture, packaging disposal, placement of the furniture, with delivery to the desired floor at the end customer’s location, through flexible customization based on your personal needs. Start providing your clients the furniture service with delivery to the floor thanks to our advanced [...]

Does INVIO HOME provide logistics and transportation for e-commerce?

INVIO HOME’s services for e-commerce transport and logistics for online decor shops are conferred to qualified personnel, and include delivery to the floor and assemblage of both furniture and decor. ... Efficiency is given thanks to a steady monitoring of the service, aimed at a punctual delivery of furniture and to prompt answer of demands [...]

Advanced Logistics for the complete furnishing of a country resort

Once every packaging is in the correct room, our assemblage team will then unpack and dispose of the packaging, and then start the assembly in each room, to hand the finished job to the client tonight. Invio Home, with its architecture and design studio is providing these specific services to provide clients a 360° service that goes from the choice of the [...]

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  Messaggeria VIP is a logistics and customized service, focused on small parcels and decor (max 0.5 mc 20 kg weight) for producers and distributors of the home and furniture industry. ...   Positioning and/or assemblage Every item is placed in the placement specified by the customer and/or assembled and then placed.

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