Online retail of furniture: is logistics in the services provided?

Moreover, if you don’t still have an online shop, we provide strategic support to build your e-commerce website, customized to your own needs as a furniture and decor retailer. ...   Discover our service to create websites with online shops, and our fees focused on e-commerce logistics for furniture in Italy.

Siglacom - e-commerce and communication strategies

The Company > INVIO HOME Assets > Siglacom - e-commerce and communication strategies Siglacom - e-commerce and communication strategies SIGLACOM is our partner in building websites and in dealing with e-commerce, specifically for the furniture market. ... Our partnership with Invio Home: e-commerce strategies Siglacom for the furniture [...]

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Our Solutions > Website Design Website Design Within the services for the furniture industry, INVIO HOME also helps build your e-commerce websites. ...   Thanks to our e-commerce and web solutions, companies and producers in the furniture industry who deal with furniture, decor, [...]

Cristina Bertellini

The Company > Staff & Know-How > Cristina Bertellini Cristina Bertellini Cristina Bertellini, Sole Director at Invio Home, outlines mission and vision of the project Invio Home is a web platform based on an innovative concept, and composed by integrating the services we provide to Italian and foreign furniture and decor manufacturers and dealers, who are interested in [...]

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  Our platform is also able to lead our clients in the development of e-commerce solutions, diverse and focused on the clients’ specific needs: from furniture and decor retailers, to furniture and design dealers, to small and medium companies, up to the big groups in the furniture and interior design industry. ...    [...]

Cristina Maffioli

All of the Italian and foreign manufacturers who deal with furniture and interior design, who would like to branch out their sales network adding an e-commerce channel, can benefit from the services provided by Invio Home. ... We provide integrated logistics, specialized delivery services conferred to experts in the furniture transport, a highly responsive [...]

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Our platform provides a vast range of services for the companies in the furniture industry: from logistics, to transport, to e-commerce websites; for this reason, we decided to invest in the creation of a specialized team who listens and solves the clients’ demands. ... INVIO HOME is a brand which provided specialized services for the [...]

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