Invio VIP Messaggerie

INVIO HOME provides a service called “e-commerce Messaggeria VIP” for logistics focused on small parcels and decor.
Messaggeria VIP is a logistics and customized service, focused on small parcels and decor (max 0.5 mc 20 kg weight) for producers and distributors of the home and furniture industry.
If you produce and distribute decor and small parcels, you may send your goods to our logistics center, where they will be stocked, packaged and delivered throughout Italy, along with customer service.
Our e-commerce Messaggeria VIP helps you save both time and money. There are no minimum inventory requirements: you may hand INVIO HOME a single parcel or a whole stock and then adjust the inventory to your own company’s needs.

E-commerce Messaggeria VIP: Our Solutions

The Messaggeria VIP e-commerce service includes:

Free logistics
Our micro-logistics helps save time and money, as you pay the delivery cost only. There are no minimum inventory pre-conditions: you may outsource INVIO HOME a single parcel or the whole stock, and adapt the stock based on how your business develops.
Delivery by appointment is done through a phone call
Our operators will call you 48 hours prior, to agree with the end customer the date and timeframe of the delivery. Moreover, our drivers notify the end customer through a phone call, of the forthcoming delivery, 30 minutes prior.
To the doorstep delivery only
Our drivers and workers carry out to the doorstep deliveries only, and they unpack and dispose of the packaging.
Positioning and/or assemblage
Every item is placed in the placement specified by the customer and/or assembled and then placed.
Focused Customer Service
Our Customer Service is available to assist the customer in any need, at any time of the delivery.
Tracking Service
Our Tracking Service is always available to the client, to enable him to track the order and check its progress and state of dispatch.
Managing returns
INVIO HOME also deals with managing returns, a service which grants high satisfaction of clients and customers.
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